1222 Muirlands Vista Way

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Address: 1222 Muirlands Vista Way, La Jolla, CA 92037
Project Type: Gap Funding for Luxury Ocean View Home Rehab Project in La Jolla, CA
Purchase price: $2,000,000
Rehab cost: $1,125,000
ARV: $4,600,000
Date of Purchase: 06/12/2015
Projected timeline of completion:  12 months
Ground Partner: George Flint
Company: BNF Real Estate Group
Contact details: goflint@bnfrealestategroup.com; (619) 988-5876
AddressProperty typePurchase PriceRehab costARVDate of PurchaseProjected timeline for
refinance or sale
1222 Muirlands Vista Way,
La Jolla, CA 92037
Gap Funding for Luxury
Ocean View Home Rehab
Project in La Jolla, CA
$2,000,000$1,125,000$4,600,00006/12/201512 months
Date of SaleSales PriceCoCAnnualized
% Difference of Projected
vs Actual ARV
% Difference of Projected
vs Actual Rehab
% Difference of Projected
vs Actual Timeline
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– Under contract with buyer. Contingencies have been removed.
– Expect to close August 15-18.
– We will have substantial loss on this project.


– Negotiating with few buyers circling the property. Trying to get offers in writing. Anticipate end of July/early August closing.
– Extending loan and repairing La Cantina doors. 


– Restaged & remarketed.
– All repairs made. Property re-inspected with verbal clear inspection. Waiting for final report. Only open issue is La Cantina door repairs. We are forcing contractor to repair.


Accepted offer at $4.3M NET, but during the inspection two solvable issues (moisture related) made the buyer back out. Issues have been repaired. Property back on market.


Two offers on property we are actively negotiating.
Link to property page: https://1222muirlandsvista.wordpress.com/


Delays to pictures due to weather conditions. Live launch party scheduled for March 9. Web: https://1222muirlandsvista.wordpress.com/


Friday 1/27 home being staged, then pictures and 7-day turnaround for full marketing. Delays to exterior landscaping due to uncommon rain here in San Diego Web: https://1222muirlandsvista.wordpress.com/


Schedule: Additional $80k spent to complete project. Delays due to Right-of-way permit. Expect to receive final permit/Certificate of Occupancy on Wed 12/21. Staging will go in after and full marketing will begin. Received offer $3.8M, countered and never received counter/acceptance back. Another buyer interested in offer, but nothing in writing at this time. List Price: Pricing strategy to reduce $10k/week to keep listing at top. $3.99M to $4.58M.
Listing: http://bit.ly/2djFOny or http://1222muirlands.com/


Schedule: Team has been working very hard to regain time. Expect to have Certificate of Occupancy (CO) week of Nov 28 and launch marketing later that weekend. List Price: Price reduced to $4.59M on Nov 1 to be very competitive
Listing with renderings: http://bit.ly/2djFOny and pics from 12Nov2016 http://bit.ly/2ghLfoS 


Schedule: Latest target completion date Dec 1. All permits resolved. Retaining wall in progress. Drywall near completion. Brown coat on stucco will be on very soon.
List Price: $4.5M – $4.9M (pro forma $4.6M)
Listing with renderings: http://bit.ly/2djFOny 


Schedule: Insulation complete. Next Drywall (3 weeks) and Exterior Stucco. Expected completion November.
Final permit issue with retaining wall expected to be cleared up shortly.
Pre-listed at $4.15M as we did on Pescas. Goal is to find buyer to buy as-is and complete on their own with desired finishes or pay to have BNF finish.
Listing with renderings: http://bit.ly/2bzb1oR


– Beginning stucco and drywall towards the end of the week so we are doing decent thus far.
– Pre-listed at $4.15M as we did on Pescas. Goal is to find buyer to buy as-is and complete on their own with desired finishes or pay to have BNF finish.
– http://bit.ly/2bzb1oR


Expected completion mid-Oct.
Framing near completion. Electrical and HVAC in progress. Expecting permits shortly.
Pictures: http://bit.ly/2bfxERK


– Projected list price: $4.6-4.8M (Pro-forma $4.6M).
– Based on recent comps, could price as high as $5M, but with timing and carrying costs, plan to list at lower price and push for a bidding war
– Project may be over budget. Additional $100k being borrowed from construction lender to pay for unforeseen west and south retaining walls. If remaining reserves are not used, the overage will be limited to $25k.
– Completion end of Sep/early Oct
– Pictures: http://bit.ly/2a462wA


Framing is complete with ruff trades started. Our goal is to start dry wall in 3 weeks. We will launch our pre-marketing and sales effort with sales team with the goal to capture summer buyers.


Framing is basically done, ruff trades are full throttle – window installation starts next week. Targetting to start haging drywall in 4 weeks.


Moving along nicely. Framing is full throttle, ruff trades right behind. Specs are finalized.


Concrete inspection should be passed today, thus allowing us to finish up framing. Framing should be done in 3 to 3.5 weeks.


Passed plumbing inspection. ROW work completed. Concrete work will be finished this week and framing restarted.


Framing is about 10% done. Ruff electrical, plumbing and AV are about to start.


Project is moving a long very well. Demo is done, framing has started and concrete work is in full swing. Ruff plumbing and ruff electrical should start in a few weeks.


Muirlands, demo is 95% done. Framing and concrete has started. ROW permit shall be issued this week, thus ROW work starting next week.


Demo is complete Framing is starting this week Things are going smooth overall now that we have permits. Once framing is done, we plan to start show the house off market so we can pre-sale it.


– We have permits!!! – Demo starts this week. – Its go time team…….


Only have one more department to sign off with permits. Arch is meeting them today Tuesday, should have permits this week.


Muirlands property is still waiting for permits. We went down to the city to finally resolve the rest of the items and discovered they were not working on them essentially because of the planning department holding up the rest of the departments. We are confident we have resolved this by the end of today/tomorrow and we’ve been told that we can fast-track the remaining departments. (3 out of 4 outstanding indicated this).


3 departments signed-off with 4 departments waiting for the Right of Way permit to be issued before final sign-off. Again the Right of Way permit holding up the building permit is chronically delayed for the same reasons as Pescas. We are having a lot of problems addressing minor comments with the city and other developers are experiencing the same thing right now. We’ve reached supervisors just to get attention from them for our project. We’ve gone through the full budget many times know and we are confident we will be on-budget and hired an additional construction manager to support the GC in the timely building of this project. We are very confident in this process once we can actually begin at permit issuance. The sales team is working with a very strong cash buyer who is very interested in Muirlands which is great and they plan to launch a full marketing campaign after we get permits and framing done (key milestone for sales team).


No much to update here – just waiting for permits. We have 2 more comments from the city, waiting for final approval. Once we have permits, we can hit the ground running.


We only have 4 more comments to respond and correct with the city, then we will finally have permits. City of San Diego is very backed log trying to meet end of the year deadlines and new water requirements. We hope to have permits before Christmas.


Not much new hear…..still waiting for permits. Everything else is set and ready to go. Fingers crossed this week we obtain permits.


Arch met with the city today, permits should be issued this week.


– Permits are due any day now. – Thus we will break ground shortly there after. – Construction rehab refi loan is completed and we were able to do a 50/50 non-dutch interest on it, thus saving us money…


We we received comments back from the city, nothing really major. Plan to re-submit this week. We should have permits in 3 to 4 weeks. Refinance will be completed last week of Oct/first week of Nov. We have demoed the un-permitted building in the rear so we can get a head start.


Waiting for comments back from engineering department, once obtained we will adjust plans accordingly and have permits shortly thereafter. Refinance of acquisition loan will take place approx 1 week prior to having permits.


Still waiting for engineering department to provide comments, they are delaying us. All other departments have provided comments, none of which are a big deal. We are hoping to hear from them next week and should have permits early to mid Oct. We have all bids for ruff trades and are starting to select finishes for spec book.


Date of Purchase