Market: South Bend, IN

Rehab Status:

  • 1129 Roosevelt St: closed end of Feb after delays with seller. Rehab to start first week of March.
  • 1007 Clover St: Tenant moved, so we will be doing planned deferred rehab to this property
  • 202 E Donaldson Ave (Auction): Rehab initiated. Replacing furnace due to cracked heat exchanger.
  • 830 E Eckman St
    • Rehab 85% complete (expect Mar 9 completion)
    • Balance of work: drywall repair, carpet install Mar 7 and final cleanup list items
    • Pics:
  • 1118 Emerson Ave
    • Flooding impacted several neighborhoods due to large amount of snow melting combined with rain. The basement flooded with 4-5 feet of water. Damage assessment underway. We will be filing insurance claim to recoup these losses.
    • Rehab on the main floor will still continue as planned
    • Pics:
  • 2325 Corby Blvd
    • Rehab started end of February
    • Large home with plenty of potential, specifically AirBnB or college rental.
      • Our current AirBnB rental (1009 Kinyon) has been averaging income of $2500/mo for the past 6 months vs. $625 traditional rent
    • Pics: (original)

Rental Status:

  • February was busy month since winter/holidays is slow market. Recently rented:
    • 1702 Chapin – rented for $625
    • 228 E Battell – rented for $1,000
    • 1314 Eastbrook - rented for $700
    • 1117 Canterbury – rented for $625
    • 2431 Riverside – rented for $675
  • We are at 5% vacancy with available units and we are aiming for 3% or lower. Current vacant units:
    • 406 Marquette
      • Listed 2/1 and we have had interest including new employees working for University of Notre Dame. Price dropped to $1395.
      • Link to rental listing:
      • Potential renter ready to lease, but flooding impacted this property as well. Damage assessment underway. We will be filing insurance claim to recoup these losses.
      • Pics:
    • 1231 Cedar
    • 1417 N Adams
      • Tenant moved to 1021 Kinyon, so this unit became available for $575
      • Link to listing:


  • Purchased total of 10 homes in Jan & Feb
  • Plan to close a 14-pack of SFRs end in March from another investor with rentals managed by our Property Manager.


  • Long-term plan is to hold all 51 units long-term
  • We are working with several banks/lenders to determine the best approach and cost for long-term financing.
  • Once this is finalized and lender criteria is met for seasoning, we will refinance private investors and repeat the process.

Market: Jacksonville, NC

  • 511 Nelson:
    • Property under contract a second time with FHA buyer for $90k. Closing ~March 15.
    • Listing:

Market: Chicago, IL

  • 16920 Old Elm: original buyer never followed through. Property is being remarketed on our Chicago partner’s platform.
  • 14538 Kimbark & 14331 Cottage Grove
    • Listed for sale using new platform, which allows buyer to purchase pre-vetted/inspected/verified properties
    • Properties also being maAlso being marketing via Chicago partner’s platform
    • Link to listings: &
  • Once all properties are sold, we intend to dissolve this entity.

Non-Performing Mortgage Notes: Chad Urbshott / Nathan Turner (multiple states)

  • 510 High Grove – sold to partner Chad for $26k in February.
  • 3539 Judy – Judgement February 2018. Waiting to sell EAC’s portion to Nathan to manage the resale of this property as it is long overdue.


  • South Bend, IN (reference details above):
    • 8% fixed return. Cash flow paid quarterly. The minimum investment is $20,000. Redemption requests of funds invested can be made at any time after 1 year. Most redemption requests should be honored by 90 days.
    • Longer-term: let us know if you would be interested in holding long-term mortgage:
      • 15-30 year, fully-amortized loans similar to bank loans
    • Please let us know what you are interested in investing. Are you looking for:
      • Fixed rate of return?
        • If so, what rate?
      • Preferred rate + profit split (i.e. flip)?
        • If so, what rate?
      • Higher percentage of equity and NET cash flow (i.e. long-term rental)?
    • Contact Vil if interested ( | 858-876-4845)