Becoming a Ground Partner in EAC Community

For those Investors interested in joining EAC Community as Ground Partner, you MUST do the following.

1. Visit our website and read everything about becoming a partner of EAC Community.

2. Meet and be interviewed by our EAC Team. We want to find out your investment goals and needs, to see if our values align, and if working together will be a good fit.

3. Once you are accepted into our EAC Community, you should then call and speak to as many of our current GPs to see what experiences they have had with the Community.

4. You need to collect the following material and share them with us in a Dropbox directory assigned to you.

a. Background Check

b. Credit Report

c. 3 Personal References

d. 3 Business References

e. Corporate Documents showing your corporation in good standing

5. Review, modify, and sign a JV Agreement with EAC.

6. Present a deal to our EAC Team. You should work with one of the MPs assigned to you and you MUST our spreadsheets.

7. Stay engaged and communicate. Attend our biweekly meetings and make comments. Constantly email EAC Team updates of your efforts including potential deals. You must give to the Community in order for the Community to support you.

Working with EAC Community, the Ground Partner gets much more than just a group of passive investors.  The GP will get a network of knowledgeable and experienced investors actively supporting your real estate investments.  We provide 100% funding for the acquisition and rehab or rent of the properties and offer favorable splits to all of our partners.

Downloadable Document:

JV Agreement  Vetting Process for Ground Partner
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