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EAC Community Information

EAC, LP is a California based Limited Partnerships for real estate investments managed by, EAC, GP made up of three Executive Partners Kevin Yoo, M.D., CEO, John Hostetler, CFO and Vilson Nikollaj, COO.

EAC has been in business since 2009 and has created the EAC Community. This Community’s mission is to achieve financial freedom and independence for all its Community Partners through real estate. The Community is made up of Executive Partners, Managing Partners, Ground Partners, and Investor Partners.

We structure the safest investments with the highest returns possible in residential and commercial properties throughout the country. After carefully vetting potential Ground Partners, we structure partnerships that produce profitable investment opportunities for all Partners.

We offer short-term or fix-and-flip deals typically yielding 18 to 24% annualized returns. These deals average 4 to 6 months. The principal and interest payments are guaranteed for beginner Investor Partners.

We also offer either promissory notes to buy-and-hold or income generating properties or equity investments with return of principal in short time of months to years with internal rate of returns from 20 to 40%. These deals can range from 1 year to as long as the income property is owned. The principal and interest payments are guaranteed for beginner Investor Partners.

The Investor Partner has the option to cash out anytime within short time of notification but will then not receive the interest on the project.

We currently invest in San Diego, CA, Orlando, FL, St. Louis, MO, South Bend, IN, Jacksonville, NC, Phoenix, AZ, Birmingham, AL, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA and are constantly looking for other markets and partnerships.

Please download and read our prospectus for a a better understanding of our Community.


EAC ProspectusEAC, GP Certificate of Good StandingEAC, LP Certificate of Good Standing
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