Executive Partners

EAC, LP is a California based Limited Partnerships for real estate investments managed by three Executive Partners Kevin Yoo, M.D., CEO, John Hostetler, CFO and Vil Nikollaj, COO. This company started investing in real estate in 2011 and has grown consistently in the number of deals and in assets.


Executive Partners



Kevin Yoo, M.D. is an actively practicing Neurosurgeon in San Diego, CA. He has been investing in real estate for over 14 years and has learned from hard knocks what a good partner and a good deal looks like. He has bought and sold multiple homes and currently owns a portfolio of rental properties throughout the country.



John Hostetler is currently the workhorse for EAC Group Investments and has been investing in real estate for 3+ years. His background is accounting and held a position of a controller for a large company in San Diego before coming over to manage EAC full time.





Vil Nikollaj grew up in Michigan and is currently an Engineer and a Real Estate agent in California. He has always been fascinated with real estate and started helping his friends, family and co-workers with their real estate transactions in 2013. Vil is a problem solver as an engineer and in real estate. He works very hard to provide the best solution for all parties involved.

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